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The Bruce Rogers Collection

Collection of books designed by the 20th century typographer and designer, Bruce Rogers

The Centaur

After leaving Houghton Mifflin, and The Riverside Press, Rogers spent some years un-affiliated with any particular press.  However, one of his most important and recognized works, The Centaur, was designed  and printed during this time, 1911 to 1916.

The Centaur

Frederic Warde, in Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books, (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1925) acknowledged that "This book was accepted by many as the masterpiece of modern printing."  He was referring to The Centaur, published at The Montague Press in 1915, and the first to be printed in what became Rogers' signature typeface, the Centaur Type.  Only 100 copies were printed for sale, and we are fortunate to have one of those in our collection.

The Centaur

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