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The Bruce Rogers Collection

Collection of books designed by the 20th century typographer and designer, Bruce Rogers

The Centaur Type

Centaur TypefaceOne of Bruce Rogers' most significant and lasting contributions to the world of typography was the creation of his beautiful Centaur typeface, developed over a number of years of experimentation.  He had been impressed early in his career with the Jenson typeface, printed by the 15th century typographer Nicholas Jenson, calling it "at once the most beautiful and the most legible in the world." (The Dial, July 16, 1909.)

Rogers wanted to create a modern Roman typeface, adapting the Jenson type, and continued to draw and re-draw the letters, ultimately creating the typeface which would be know as Centaur, taking its name from the title of the book in which it was first used in 1915.

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