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How to Find Newspapers

Finding Newspaper Articles

Depending on your research, you might look for newspapers in the following places:

  • Within a certain newspaper 
  • Searching in a database
  • In the library print collection
  • Using a microfilm reader

Because there are so many formats available, it is important to consider what type of newspaper source you need.

Ask yourself, are you looking for a news source that is
...current or older/historical?
...from a specific publication?
...from the U.S. or international?

Contents of this guide

This guide is organized to explain how you can use the library to get a variety of types of newspaper articles, including news from historical and international papers. 

The guide is organized as follows:

On this page, you can find recommended resources for finding 

This page lists resources that allow you to search specifically within collections of historical newspapers. 

Contains tools for finding newspapers from all over the world.

The library does not have every newspaper, but this does not mean the paper is unavailable. Visit this page to find out how to request news articles from other libraries.

Many older newspapers are available on microfilm. Go to this page to learn more about how to access news on microfilm.

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