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Remote Learning & Research

Remote Classes via Zoom

Zoom Essentials

Launching a Zoom classroom session

  • For remote classes through Zoom, your professor will send out a link to join the Zoom classroom
    • If prompted with a dialog box while joining, click the “Open Zoom Meetings” option.
    • You will be shown a “Video Preview” tab where you will have the option to join the classroom with or without video. Join according to the instructions from your professor.

Zoom dialog box

Setting up audio

  • If prompted, be sure to click “Join with Computer Audio” to participate in class conversation.
    • Using or needing headphones?
      • If you cannot find a quiet space for your class session, be sure to use headphones. Headphones are available for checkout in the Media Lab in the South Basement of Chambers, contact Thomas Espenschied
      • Click the carrot or up arrow (“^”) next to the audio button (microphone in the bottom left of the taskbar) to toggle a menu. Then select your headphones for both microphone and speaker.


  • Audio Tips:
    • Your professor will likely have default audio settings, such as having all call participants muted at the beginning of the Zoom session
    • You are muted when the microphone (lower-left corner) is crossed out
    • Stay muted if you are not talking to avoid background noise



Participating in a Zoom class

  • To view options for class interaction, click on "Participants" on the bottom tool barzoom toolbar
    • The Participants feature opens a toolbar that allows you to see who is on the call, and send quick messages to your professor (go slower/faster, yes/no, etc). 
    • Your professor may have the option to "raise your hand" enabled, which is visible on the participant toolbar
  • To send messages to your class without using audio, use the "Chat" on the toolbar

Signing into Zoom for a session or to access a recording

If you need to sign into a Zoom session or you need to sign into Zoom to access a recording you need to make sure and sign in using SSO. If you are asked to put a "Company Domain" enter "davidson". See below.

Zoom log-in pageSSO login page

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