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Open Access

How to Share Your Open Access Work

Open Access Publishing Options

  • Gold Open Access - Published article is immediately freely available online for all to read, download, and share.
  • Green Open Access - Self-archive your work by posting a pre-print, post-print, or other version of the article online with permission from a publisher.
  • Hybrid Open Access - This refers to the journal type. Hybrid journals are subscription based with some articles available open access.

Open Access Journals

There is a wide range of quality OA Journals available, and not all might fit your needs. There are also some less reputable, even predatory, Open Access journals you should avoid. Before submitting any manuscripts to an Open Access Journal, you should take into account a few considerations:

Open Access Journal Checklist

Check to see if the the journal is listed on:

Level of Open Access

  • Full Open Access: all articles published in the journal are open access
  • Hybrid Open Access: only some of the articles are open access; authors typically pay a fee to make an article open access

Level of Permission
Some Open Access journal licenses are more restrictive than others. Consider how open you want your work.

  • Gratis Open Access: removes price barriers only
  • Libre Open Access: removes price barriers and allows for some level of reuse

Publishing Cost
Some journals charge an Article Processing Charge (APC) to publish Open Access

Funding Compliance
If your research is funded, check your funder's Open Access Policy to see what is required

Self-Archiving Your Work (Green Open Access)

Publishing in an Open Access Journal is not the only to share your work Open Access. With the right permission from publishers, you can self-archive, and share a version of your work online (in a repository, on your personal website, or elsewhere).

How to get permission

For work that you are currently publishing, ask to add an Author Rights Addendum to the publishing agreement

For work that is already published, check to see whether the publisher provides any permission to publish pre-prints or post-print

Reading publisher policy information in SHERPA/Romeo:

Screenshot of SHERPA/Romeo entry

Based on the information in the screenshot above, an author who published with the American Journal of Primatology can: self-archive pre-print, self-archive post-prints (12 months after publication) as long as certain conditions are met (such as linking to the publisher's version, only shared in certain locations, the use is non-commercial etc.).

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