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Leganto: Reading Lists

This guide includes an introductory walkthrough of Leganto, a reading list tool that leverages the wide-ranging availability of resources to increase accessibility and affordability of course resources!

Add the CiteIt! Bookmarklet

Interested in using freely available online resources without the hassle of copy/pasting links or downloading/uploading files?

Try the CiteIt! Bookmarklet!

1. Click on your initials in the upper-right corner of Leganto and select CiteIt! from the dropdown menu.

2. To "install" the bookmarklet, click and drag the Cite It! button into your bookmarks bar.

  • The popup window will show you a list of sites that CiteIt! is compatible with. This simply means that Leganto is configured to pull appropriate metadata to create citations for you. CiteIt! can still be used to create links to online resources from sites not on this list, but you may need to add additional metadata manually.

Now you are ready to add resources from just about anywhere!

Add Resources via CiteIt!

Adding resources to your reading lists with CiteIt! is quick and easy!

1. Navigate to the online resource. In this example, we will use a video from Youtube.

2. Click the CiteIt! bookmarklet in your bookmark bar. A popup window will appear.

  • You can add additional metadata to your citation, select the appropriate reading list and section, and click Add & Close to add the resource to your reading list.

In addition to adding non-library resources using the CiteIt! bookmarklet, you can also add library resources directly from databases and publisher websites.

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