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Leganto: Reading Lists

This guide includes an introductory walkthrough of Leganto, a reading list tool that leverages the wide-ranging availability of resources to increase accessibility and affordability of course resources!

Why Use Leganto?

Teaching & Learning

Leganto provides professors with insights about their students' engagement with resources, while providing additional features that encourage commentary and discussion around course materials. Using Leganto to manage your course materials provides librarians with valuable information about current resource needs, allowing us to better anticipate future demand to proactively develop our collections. 


By using library-purchased materials and open access resources, professors can identify ways to move away from expensive course packs and reduce the pressure on students to purchase other required materials. This saves students money, encourages equitable access to information, and emphasizes the use of library resources, which allows us to make more informed decisions about where we invest our budget.

Enhanced Access

Leganto's integration with Moodle provides a reliable resource access point for students. Collecting course materials in a central location means that students know where to locate the resources necessary to be successful in their class. Plus, managing your course materials with Leganto means the library can better support your students by removing barriers to access (i.e. broken links, paywalled content, etc.).


Using Leganto gives you more ownership over your course materials while providing opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on the development of lists for interdisciplinary courses. Since Leganto is directly linked to Alma, our Library Services Platform, library staff are able to process course materials faster while making workflows more transparent.

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