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Microaggressions: Finding Davidson College Archives and Library Resources

This research guide contains listings of Davidson College library and archives materials related to microaggressions, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and equity.

Davidsoniana Files

Davidsoniana Files, also knows as "D-Files," primarily contain secondary source information and are housed in Archives and Special Collections. This includes newspaper articles, scanned memos, brochures and pamphlets, memorial speeches, and booklets. These files also hold scans of primary documents, such as diaries and letters, from other institutions. If you have questions or would like to view these materials in-person, please email for assistance. 

A selection of D-Files Highlighting Engagement with Issues on Race, Social Justice, and Equity. 

Local (Town) D-Files:

Local - Davidson African-American Coalition

Subjects: Davidson, NC - Civic Organizations

Local - Davidson Housing Coalition

Davidson, Town of - Race Relations

College D-Files:

Periodicals - Black Alumni Newsletter

Black Fraternities

Council on Minority Affairs

Gender Equity

Gender Resource Center

Race Relations

Race Relations - Student

Rape Awareness

Solidarity Week

Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Concerns

Davidson College Library Research Guides are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Mailing Address: Davidson College - E.H. Little Library, 209 Ridge Road, Box 5000, Davidson, NC 28035