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Microaggressions: Finding Davidson College Archives and Library Resources

This research guide contains listings of Davidson College library and archives materials related to microaggressions, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and equity.

Contents of This Guide

This guide is a curated listing of Davidson College archival materials about local engagements with issues of race, discrimination, social justice, and equity, as well as E.H. Little Library databases and resources for issues related to diversity and inclusion and information about the Davidson Microaggressions Project.

This guide is organized by resource type, including:

About the Davidson Microaggressions Project

The Davidson Microaggressions Project website was developed in 2017 and builds on the work of the Davidson students who created the page and the Outsider Monologues. The Project defines microaggressions as "derogatory (non)verbal, behavioral, and environmental messages and experiences by members of marginalized groups."


Screenshot of Davidson Microaggressions Project webpage


In their Statement of Purpose, the Davidson Microaggressions Project website states the initiative aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • "Raise awareness about campus climate as experienced by diverse members of the College community."
  • "Demonstrate how microaggressions manifest around campus and the broader communities in which we live and work."
  • "Define and describe microaggressions and provide a space for resources and additional information on relevant topics."

Davidson College students and faculty work together to maintain and update the Davison Microaggressions Project website

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