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Memory Commons

A research guide curating archival and special collections materials related to community commemorations, protests, memorials, and reflective spaces for the Spring 2021 Memory Commons course.

Davidson College Founding, NC Highway Historical Marker

photo of Davidson College NC historical highway marker

North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program 

Original Date Cast 1937


See the webpage, About the NC Historical Marker Program

From the same website, more about the Highway Historical Marker Advisory Committee:
Established by the 1935 enabling legislation was the Highway Historical Marker Advisory Committee, the group responsible for oversight of the program. The committee is composed of ten faculty members from four-year colleges and universities who are experts in one or more aspects of the state's history.  . . . Their specific charge is to advise the secretary on the historical authenticity, relative merit, and appropriateness of each subject brought to their attention; to approve or disapprove each proposal; to fix the wording of the inscriptions; and to establish criteria for carrying out the program.

50 Celebration - Semi-Centennial

Archives, Special Collections & Community Website Sources:    

Davidsoniana Files:

  • Semi-Centennial Celebrations 

75 Celebration

Davidsoniana Files:

  • Seventy Five Anniversary of Davidson College 

100 Celebration - Centennial/Centenary

Archives, Special Collections & Community Websites:

  • Davidson Encyclopedia: These entries about Davidson College history are researched and written by archives staff and by Davidson College students.
  • Around the D, the department blog 
    • "Celebrating Davidson’s Music History: James Christian Pfohl"  -  By 1938, Pfohl had made another lasting contribution to Davidson: he provided lyrical arrangement for “All Hail!  O Davidson!,” the college’s alma mater. The words were written by George M. Maxwell (Class of 1896) on the occasion of the college’s centennial in 1937; originally intended as a fight song, Pfohl envisioned the song as more of a hymn.      

Davidsoniana Files:

  • Centennial Pageant and Masque  

125 Celebration- Quasquicentennial

150 Celebration - Sesquicentennial

Archival Records:

Cover of fall 1990 edition of the Davidson Journal titled The Black Experience at Davidson CollegeDavidson Journal: The Davidson Journal was first published in the spring of 1987 at the College's sesquicentennial celebration alongside the Davidson Update (which was a spin-off of the Alumni Journal). It merged with the Davidson Update after the fourth issue in the fall of 1989. 


Archives, Special Collections & Community Websites:

Davidsoniana Files:

  • Sesquicentennial Publications
  • Sesquicentennial Celebrations


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