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Research Consultants

This site is a hub for knowledge and training related to the Research Consultant Program.

Provide high-quality customer service to library patrons

  • Knowledge of library staff, spaces, and departments
  • Familiarity with campus partners in the library (CTL and T +I)
  • Friendly and approachable demeanor
  • Refer when you need help

Basic research assistance

  • Using the catalog
  • Developing keywords
  • Searching in databases
  • Referring to library staff

Record transactions in LibAnalytics

Attend trainings

Behavioral Expectations


Make it Count

Make eye contact with people in the lobby and offer to assist anyone who looks as if they need it.

Your homework or conversation should not come before your job.

On Time, Ready to Work

Call the desk phone (704-894-2331) as soon as you know you are running late to your shift (even if it is just a few minutes).

If no one answers the phone, try slack, text Meggie, or email Meggie.

Personal Device Use

You may have your cell phone at the desk but please refrain from taking calls and having extended text conversations. Please do not leave your phone on the desk when working with a patron.

If you need to make a call, please do it away from the desk and inform the supervisor on duty so that we can cover for you if necessary.

Please no headphones or video while on shift.


It's okay to take a snack break, but please do so away from the desk.


Davidson is a small enough community that friends and familiar faces are bound to stop by the desk. Be sure to address that you are at work and can continue longer conversations later. 


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