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Research Consultants

Customer Service Standards

Be an Ambassador for the Library

  • Know the different branches of student success services and what they offer
    • CTL, Writing Center, T + I
    • Know how to contact each 

Affirm that We Can Help

  • Use us and we to refer to the library
  • Answer in the affirmative and with positivity
    • Yes, I can help with that.
    • Yes, I know someone who can help.

Cultivate Community

  • Invite interaction
    • Wear a name tag
    • Be aware of what’s going on 
    • Stop what you are doing to help
  • Smile, greet people, and make eye contact
    • Actively listen
    • Meet needs with accuracy, positivity, and enthusiasm

Service Philosophy

In a nutshell...

  • Foster a user-centered, amicable, and welcoming community space of learning
  • Regard each and every user with respect, consideration, and dignity
  • Approach and meet users' distinct needs to the best possible extent
  • Offer the highest quality service possible in a timely manner
  • Communicate and connect with supervisors, fellow library student employees, and library staff

Homework at the Desk

You're a student first!

It's okay to do your homework. Be sure to check if there are any priority tasks to complete during your shift.

Behavioral Expectations

Make it Count

Make eye contact with people in the lobby and offer to assist anyone who looks as if they need it.

Your homework or conversation should not come before your job.

On Time, Ready to Work

Call the desk phone (704-894-2331) as soon as you know you are running late to your shift (even if it is just a few minutes).

If no one answers the phone, call Jon (828-545-4176), Meggie (828-582-0753), or Jason (704-894-3051) 

Personal Device Use

You may have your cell phone at the desk but please refrain from taking calls and having extended text conversations. Please do not leave your phone on the desk when working with a patron.

If you need to make a call, please do it away from the desk and inform the supervisor on duty so that we can cover for you if necessary.

Please do not use your personal computer at the desk. You can use the laptops at the desk for any homework.

Please no headphones or video while on shift.


It's okay to take a snack break, but please do so away from the desk.


Davidson is a small enough community that friends and familiar faces are bound to stop by the desk. Be sure to address that you are at work and can continue longer conversations later. 


Referral > misinformation

It’s better to refer for a complete and accurate answer than it is to give a quick, inaccurate answer. Refer and learn until you are comfortable and confident with the answer.

Absences and Substitutions Policy

Swap Substitution Absence
1-1 exchange of a shift; you give up a shift/partial shift and you take someone else's hours to make up for it. 1-0 exchange; you give up a shift, but do not cover the sub's hours for a complete swap No show or no sub found

Per Semester:


Unlimited swaps


5 substituted absences

1 unannounced absence before verbal reprimand

Substituted absence=filled a substitute, or gave prior notice after attempts to get substitution failed



You are responsible for finding a substitute.

We are always open to discussing whether the shift works for you if you cannot make your shift consistently.

Disciplinary Action

The college reserves the right to revoke employment when work, conduct, or attitude is unsatisfactory, regardless of financial aid work study status. Should your employment be revoked for any of these reasons, you will not be offered alternate employment. Should you fail to comply satisfactorily with the requirements of your employment agreement the following disciplinary action will be pursued by your supervisor. Certain actions can result in immediate suspension or termination such as falsifying a timesheet.

Verbal reprimand

Written warning

Suspension (1-2 weeks)




Provide high-quality customer service to library patrons

  • Knowledge of library staff, spaces, and departments
  • Familiarity with campus partners in the library (CTL and T +I)
  • Friendly and approachable demeanor
  • Refer when you need help

Basic research assistance

  • Using the catalog
  • Developing keywords
  • Searching in databases
  • Referring to library staff

Record transactions in LibAnalytics

Attend trainings

Questions? Need help? Ask Us
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