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Research Consultants

Fall 2021 Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Srushti 7 - 9 pm

Scout 7-9 pm

Catherine 7 -9 pm

Emily 7 -9 pm

Ridley 7 -9 pm
Ridley 8 -11 pm Srushti 8 -11 pm Emily 8 11 pm Scout 8 -11 pm Catherine 8-11 pm


News + Training Hub

Type Link Notes
RCOW #6 Ready to copy Due Friday 10/22
"Human Google" Article and Video Optional
RCOW #5 Ready to copy version  
RCOW #4 Ready-to-copy version Due Sunday 10/10
Moodle Module: Feedback Part 1 Feedback Due Sunday 10/10
1-1 Check-ins Schedule link 30 minutes is plenty!
Training Re-cap Email sent  on 9/17  
RCOW #3 Ready-to-copy version Due Friday 9/24
Moodle Module: READ scale and matching game Download scale
Matching game
Due Friday 9/24
RCOW #2 Ready-to-copy version Due Friday 9/17
Moodle Module: People, Places, and Things

Matching game

You can also download the lib maps in the "Welcome" section

Due Friday 9/17
Training Re-cap Email sent on 9/2  
Moodle Module: Get to Know You Discussion Discussion Board Due Friday 9/10
RCOW #1 Ready-to-copy version Due Friday 9/10


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