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Word cloud of Anthropology-related terms

Welcome to the Anthropology research guide! Use this guide as a starting point for your research in this subject area.

Highlighted Resources

Sapiens logo


SAPIENS is a digital magazine about the human world. It’s about how we communicate with each other, why we behave kindly and badly, where and when we evolved in the past, and how we live and continue to evolve today. It’s about the relationship between our laws and ethics, the cities we build, and the environment we depend on. It’s about why sex, sports, and violence consume and intrigue us, what life was like in centuries past, where we might be headed in centuries to come, and much more.

Anthropology News logo

Anthropology News

Anthropology News is the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) award-wining member magazine, published bimonthly in print and continually on our website. Content from 2019 onward openly available.


(1880 to present) The full text of 32 American Anthropological Association (AAA) journals, newsletters, bulletins, and monographs, including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, and Cultural Anthropology, as well as an archive of back issues, with links to JSTOR where appropriate.

Indigenous Peoples: North America

(17th-20th centuries) A digital collection of resources supporting research related to indigenous peoples; covers the fields of anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, literature, political science, and sociology. Contains facsimiles of manuscripts, rare books, newspapers, periodicals, census records, legal documents, maps, drawings and sketches, oral histories, photographs, and more. Also includes videos from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Part of Gale Primary Sources

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Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology publishes ethnographic writing informed by a wide array of theoretical perspectives, innovative in form and content, and focused on both traditional and emerging topics. It also welcomes essays concerned with ethnographic methods and research design in historical perspective, and with ways cultural analysis can address broader public audiences and interests. Open access since 2014.

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Current Anthropology

Established more than sixty years ago, Current Anthropology is the leading broad-based journal in the field. It seeks to publish the best theoretical and empirical research across all subfields of the discipline, ranging from the origins of the human species to the interpretation of the complexities of modern life.

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Living Anthropologically

Living Anthropologically is an anthropology blog and website launched in 2011, with over one million visitors.

Alexander Street - Anthropology

The Alexander Street Anthropology collections offer comprehensive, multimedia resources for the study of anthropology, including the largest collection of ethnographic videos and previously unpublished archival field materials. Content is presented on a multimedia platform that reflects the integrated methods of field research, through linking and cross-searchability of text, audiovisual and archival primary sources. 

The cover of an issue of American Anthropologist

American Anthropologist

American Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association.

Transforming Anthropology

As the chief publication of the Association of Black Anthropologists, Transforming Anthropology advances scholarship across the four fields and beyond.

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Zora's Daughters Podcast

Zora’s Daughters is a society and culture podcast that uses Black feminist anthropology to think about race, politics, and popular culture.

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This Anthro Life

This Anthro Life brings you smart conversations with humanity’s top makers and minds to make sense of it all. We dig into truth and hope in our creative potential through design, culture, and technology. 

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Anthro Pod

AnthroPod is the podcast of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, and is produced by a collaborative, nonhierarchical collective of Contributing Editors. Featuring conversations between anthropologists as well as experiments in sonic ethnography, the channel sees itself as a platform which amplifies the polyphony of voices within cultural anthropology. Our episodes explore conceptual, methodological, and pedagogical issues across the discipline, while striving to make anthropology more widely accessible to all publics.

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