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Justice, Equality, Community (JEC) Initiative

A centralized overview of digitized materials and archives initiatives funded by the archives portion of the Justice, Equality, Community grant at Davidson College (2017 - 2020).
Appendix 16, Project 87 of the BSC

Appendix 16 of the Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Concerns, also known as Project 87.

Teacher pointing at powerpoint about oral history

Local Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Systems K-12 teacher gives presentation about oral history pedagogy at the Davidson Summer Institute.

Davidson College in the Forties by Jethro Rumple

Jethro Rumple, class of 1850, reflects on life in Davidson in the 1840s. Later in the document, Rumple discusses the work of Esom, the college president's "body servant."

Third page of the 1988 BSC newsletter

This is the third page of an edition of the Rainbow Revue, a newsletter from the Black Student Coalition. Note the reference to the Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Concerns.

1863 Sermon by Robert Zenas Johnston

A selection from a July 1863 sermon delivered by Rev. Robert Zenas Johnston. Note the language used at the height of the Civil War.

Archival materials laid out on tables in room

Archives prepares for a debrief session after the student-led campus history tour, Davidson Disorientation.

Typescript of a Jan 7 1864 letter by Mary Gibson

Typescript of a January 7, 1864 letter by Mary Gibson describing the purchase of enslaved people in the Carolinas during the Civil War.

Puzzle, postcards, and cards of archives photos

A selection of puzzles, promotional postcards, and memory matching games made of photographs from the Archives for Town Day in 2018.

About the Grant

The Justice, Equality, Community (JEC) grant was a three-year, campus-wide initiative to support increased transdisciplinary engagement with issues of race, gender, religion, and social justice across the humanities at Davidson College between 2017 and 2020.

The grant focused on redesigning curricular development, enriching student learning, deepening equitable community ties, and increasing access to local history resources through four main funding categories:

  • Practitioner-in-Residence
  • Community Collaborations
  • Curricular Development
  • Archives and Special Collections

The archives portion of the JEC grant primarily led the digitization and development of digital “archival resources related to research and teaching in justice, equality, community beginning with the issues of race and religion” with the goal of inspiring original research, critical dialogs, and community partnerships.

To accomplish this, the archives was given four main tasks:

  • Identify and digitize JEC collections.
  • Integrate JEC materials into at least 5 new courses in ways that were not previously possible.
  • Expand archival collections related to JEC.
  • Lead public programming about JEC materials, both on campus and in the larger community.
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