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Study Abroad: Returning to Davidson

Using your Experience in your Research

Your experience studying abroad can shape your research interests in interesting and useful ways. Sometimes students come back from their study abroad experience and find that they would like to do more in-depth research about one of the following things they experienced firsthand:

  • A population (ex. aboriginal Australians, Shia Muslims in Turkey)
  • A specific cultural practice (ex. arranged marriages, gender norms in specific dances or rituals, Western appropriation of cultural practices)
  • An in-depth look at a specific phenomenon (ex. population growth and educational access in China, the use of solar energy and its correlation economic growth)

Davidson students have used their study abroad experience to also interrogate issues related to reverse culture shock. See an example here

Schedule a consultation with a librarian today to learn more about your area of interest. 

Stay Up to Date

Reading newspapers from your host country can be a useful way to stay up to date and practice your language skills! Use these resources to read international news or stop by the library's newspaper section for current international newspapers like "Le Monde" or "Die Zeit"

Reintegrating to Davidson

The transition back to Davidson can be challenging. After you have grown accustomed to your host culture, food, language, and friends or family, it might be daunting or overwhelming to try to adjust to Davidson and the U.S. again. It might be difficult to put your experiences into words or explain to your friends and family exactly what you are going through. Some symptoms of reverse culture shock include:

  • Not feeling like you "belong" anywhere
  • Depression
  • A significant change in goals or values
  • Feeling isolated or alone
  • Frustration with yourself or U.S. culture 
  • A homesickness for your home abroad 

Some actions you can take to re-adjust:

  • Stay in touch with the friends and family you have abroad
  • See a counselor in Davidson's education abroad office
  • Get involved with mentoring other students about study abroad
  • Write, blog, and talk about your experiences
  • Look for research projects, internships, volunteer opportunities, or jobs that build upon the language or skills that you learned abroad

Sources: University of Iowa, Marquette University, USAC

Other tips from the Davidson Study Abroad Office

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