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Study Abroad: Questions?

Frequently asked questions

Will libraries abroad be similar to the library at Davidson?

Libraries abroad can vary dramatically from those in the United States. Hours may be shorter. Borrowing may be more restrictive. There may be fewer resources and smaller collections. You might not even be able to retrieve your own books from the shelves (called "closed stacks"). Do a little research beforehand so you are prepared.

With that being said, the libraries you have access to in the area you're studying might have valuable books and archival materials for you, especially if you plan on researching that area or population for a thesis or extensive research project. Try to take advantage of having access to that library and make copies of materials while you're there. 

Will I still be able to access Davidson's electronic resources overseas?

For the most part, yes!  See the Doing Research Abroad tab for more information.

Does the Davidson College Library have any travel books?

The library has a limited number of travel books, and public libraries are another great resource. See the Preparing to Study Abroad tab for further information. 

What about materials to help me brush up on my foreign language skills?

If you want to brush up on your foreign language skills, or learn some important conversational phrases, the Davidson College Library  has access to Transparent Language Online

Can I bring books from Davidson College Library abroad?

Unfortunately, no. Books from our library must be returned before you go abroad. However, you will still have access to more than 100,000 ebooks through ebrary and EBSCO ebooks

I'm overseas and am not able to access Davidson resources.

E-mail for more help. 

I want to use my study abroad experience in my honors thesis but I don't know where to start.

It's a great idea to let your experience oversees shape your research goals! Please set up a consultation with us to talk through your topic and thesis and where you might start your research. 

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