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Electronic Resources Help Guide: EZ proxy and Accessing Resources Off-Campus

EZ Proxy Migration Fall 2021

Fall 2021 the Library moves to a new proxy server. EZproxy allows access to our resources for active/registered Davidson College students, faculty, and staff by logging in with their Davidson College credentials to access our owned and subscribed resources. If you are on campus or already logged into the Davidson system, this access will be seamless. Off campus, resources will only recognize Davidson College patrons when the unique library URL is applied that includes this prepend:

We have made every effort to make the needed changes in our systems, but we need your help in identifying resources that are not recognizing Davidson credentials. Below are some steps you can take on your own to ensure the links you are using and providing to others are correct. If you notice any issues when using links in the the library maintained systems listed below please use the "Report a Problem" form provided in our catalog and libguides. For questions please contact Kelly Denzer, Collections Strategist and Discovery Librarian (

Timeline for EZproxy Migration:

  • July 2021: library staff collaborate with T&I to work with NC Live on the migration of EZproxy stanzas. Library staff notify all vendors and publishers of the IP change recognizing the new server location.
  • August 2021:
    • library staff activate the change in Libguides, providing the new links to all the resources accessed through all guides, including course guides and subject guides, and A-Z database listings.
    • library staff activate the change in EBSCO and Browzine, allowing for the new links to be employed with all resources accessed through the Journal Finder and Browse Academic Journals link through Browzine.
    • library staff activate the change in the library catalog, allowing for the new links to be employed with all resources access through the catalog.

What do I need to do?

  • Faculty
    • Ensure the links you are using to direct students to Davidson resources are coming directly from the library website. Leganto is the easiest and most accessible method to use. If you have questions on how to use Leganto or need help creating your list, contact library staff.
    • Use links that are provided by the catalog or databases captured through the "permlink" option.
    • Remove/replace previous URLs you have in bookmarks, Word Docs, Google Docs, syllabi, or other platforms you are using and replace with the most current URL permalink that will include as the beginning.
    • The library is working with T&I to update Moodle links, however we recommend you check your links to ensure they reflect the new URL format.
  • Students
    • Use the library website to access resources for your research
    • Use links available through the "permlink" option within databases and the catalog when saving for later access.
    • Sign-in to the library catalog before you begin your search. This allows you to save searches and create lists allowing you to easily find resources later and URLs will be automatically updated as changes are implemented in our systems.


Enabling Off-Campus Access

In order for publishers to recognize you as an authorized Davidson College user, you must have a Davidson College IP address or be coming through our proxy server. Links the library provides through the catalog, guides or A-Z database list already have the proxy in place.

The library proxy prefix will route any off-campus user to Davidson single-sign-in.

If you are not able to access a resource you believe we should have access to

  • look at the url you are using, does it include the following component?


  • here is an example:


  • If you do not see these components, try adding this string to the beginning of the url you are using:
    • for instance


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