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Documenting Davidson College - Records Management

This guide explains how and why the College Archives collects materials from the Davidson community including information about Records Management policies and procedures.

Transfer Forms to Send Records to Temporary Storage or to the Archives

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Records to be Temporarily Stored and Destroyed 

For restricted or confidential files that are to be transferred to inactive storage prior to destruction, please email: and let us know if you need any boxes.  (1 full file drawer = 2 smaller boxes; 1 file drawer of legal size material = 3 smaller boxes.)  Inactive storage means that the files are confidential or restricted, the originating department does not use this material, and the department can not retrieve any of these records.  Please complete the form below to accompany the transfer.  We will share a copy of the completely executed form with you.

For files that are not restricted or confidential and that are to be destroyed, see Records Management - Schedules for information about onsite shredding services. 

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Records to be Transferred to the Archives and Saved

On the staff, student, and faculty sections of this online guide, there are examples of the types of records that the Archives considers records of enduring value (Staff, Student, Faculty).  In the Records Management - Schedule section of this online guide, there are Records Retention Schedules for specific departments. 

If you have records for permanent retention in the Archives, please complete the form shown below (Records to be Saved in the Archives) to accompany the transfer.  Please include the completed form with the boxes.   

For arrangements for pick up or delivery of any materials, first, please email: 

Please note that pickup and delivery may take a week for departmental staff to complete.

Destruction Guidelines and Form

In-Office Destruction: The College Archives staff recommends that employees review files annually and remove materials scheduled for destruction. Confidential or restricted material may be transferred to the College Archives for secure disposal (See the above paragraph for instructions and form). Other records should be recycled and thrown away.  Davidson College offers a monthly secure shredding service through Total Office Group.  (For more information, see the section of this guide entitled Records Management - Schedules).

Inactive Storage Destruction: Thirty days before the scheduled destruction date, a Notice of Records Disposal (see form below) will be sent to the office or department. The notice lists the records to be destroyed and includes content lists for each box of records to be destroyed. Offices and departments should review the lists and mark any files that need to be retained past the normal disposal date. Any requests for changes in destruction date should include an explanation and a new destruction date. If no changes are needed, the signed form should be returned as office approval of the records destruction.

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