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How to Search the Library Catalog

Tips and Tricks

When looking at a book in the library catalog, there are two lesser-known features you should take notice of. To learn more about these functions, click the hyperlinks below, or scroll down on this page. 

  1. The pin this search function (circled on the top-right) lets you save a book for later. Using this function, you can create lists of books for research projects of reading-lists.
  2. The browse the shelf function (circled on the left) allows you to see similar books to the one you're viewing. 
  3. The "browse the shelf" function

Pin This Search

If you click the pin this search button, you can save a book's information to your saved records. To view your saved records, click the pin next to the search bar (this button is circled below). 

The "pin" button on the library catalog

In the saved records section, you can order your saved books into lists, and check your search history on the Davidson Library Catalog. An example of the saved records page is located below:

the saved records section of the library catalog

Browse The Shelf

If you click the browse the shelf button, you will be sent to a gallery similar to this:

The browse the shelf function of the library catalog

You can scroll through this gallery using the left and right arrows. 

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