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Latinxs in the South: Healthcare

Spring 2020

Latinx Mental Health

Maiya Garrett-Peters '21

"There has to be support from the government for this kind of training to produce more mental health professionals who want to go back and serve the Latino/Hispanic community, but, also, there has to be the will, interest, and commitment from the academic institutions to do the same."


Latinx People In The U.S. South And Healthcare: A Closer Look At The Gap Between Latinx Patients and Quality Access To Healthcare

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Latinx Maternal Healthcare

"The Hispanic/Latino population in the United States is growing quickly and experiencing significant disparities in access to care and health outcomes. Assessing community perceptions and utilization of health care resources in order to improve health equity among Hispanics/Latinos at both the county and state levels is critical." 

Selena Nishihata '23

From Farms to Detention Centers: An Exploration of Latinx Experiences in the South during COVID-19

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