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How to Find Books

Davidson College eBooks

eBooks are online resources that Davidson College students, faculty, and staff can access from anywhere. We provide access to thousands of titles from variety of publishers and vendors.

eBook Licenses- Access Models

Whenever possible, Davidson College Library purchases eBooks that are DRM Free and with an unlimited user access model. This is the model available for most eBooks when purchasing direct from University Press publishers (i.e. Duke, Oxford, Cambridge), JSTOR, Project Muse, Springer, Taylor and Francis, and Wiley.

Access models that are options with aggregators such as EBSCOHost and ProQuest Ebook Central include:

  • 1 User Model (1U) - One person can access the ebook at a time.
  • 3 User Model (3U) - restricts access to three concurrent users accessing the title in the Online Reader or with an active download of the title.
  • Unlimited (UU/UA) - allows for unlimited access

At Davidson, the library has placed digital restrictions on access for 1U and 3U titles, to encourage maximum accessibility.

  • For 3 user ebooks we limit the download days to 1 day at a time, and if two versions are already downloaded then we preserve the last copy to be "read online only" so that access is freed up as soon as someone stops using it. 
  • For 1 user ebooks, depending on the platform, we limit checkouts to 3 hours OR hourly up to 24 hours/1 day checkout. 

How do I find eBooks?

Davidson College Library provides access to eBooks in multiple ways. This guide will provide information on accessing, downloading, and teaching with eBooks.

Start by searching in the library catalog, narrow your search to just electronic books by applying the Resource Type filter to "Books (Electronic)."


Resource Type Electronic Book left side

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