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Alumni: Q & A


When will I officially lose access? Will my Davidson username and password just stop working?

You'll lose access to the library databases once your CatCard and Davidson login expires. The time that this process can take varies but you'll probably lose access within a few months of graduation.

Will I lose access to Zotero?

No. Zotero is free, open source software. You'll be able to continue to use your Zotero account as long as you'd like to. However, if you used your e-mail to set up your account, you should update your account so you can continue to see updates in your inbox. 

I want to continue my thesis research but I'm going to lose access. What are my options? 

Your best option is to look for open access scholarship. Check out the Free & Open Information tab on this guide! You can find a lot of open access material by searching the Directory of Open Access Journals. You can also search for articles using an open search tool like Google Scholar and then either pay for each article or see if your local public library can Interlibrary Loan the article. Each public library interlibrary loan service is different and it may cost a fee to use the service. 

If you're looking for primary sources, freely available sites include the Library of Congress Digital Collections, the Digital Public Library of America, and Independent Voices.

Can I access any other college libraries' collections? 

It depends. Many public universities will allow guests and community members to use their public computers to access databases that they own because they're publicly funded. Look at your local university's website or call them before arriving to confirm that their policy allows guests to access their information. 

How can I get a public library card?

Find your local public library system. Look at their website to learn more about getting a library card. For example, if you use the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Library system, you'll need an ID and proof of address. Many libraries allow you to sign up for a card online and then activate your card in person. 

Can I ever use Davidson resources again?

​If you remain the Charlotte area after graduation, you can come to the Davidson College Library to use our print collection. This does not include our databases, digital materials, or Interlibrary Loan service. To sign up for an alumni borrowing card, bring your ID to the library between 9 am and 5 pm M-F and talk to a library staff member.

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