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Alumni: Access After Graduation

Why Do I Lose Access?

A lot of information is not free. Scholarly information specifically is very expensive. Your access to Davidson's databases, books, eBooks, and Interlibrary Loan service has been paid for, in part, by your tuition. Once you are no longer affiliated with Davidson, you will no longer able to access our databases, eBooks, or other digital information. This is because it's part of our agreement with information vendors (ProQuest, EBSCO, etc.) to only allow current affiliates to access these materials.

Want to learn more? Watch our video on access below or at this link. Also, check out this article about outreach on this issue at Davidson.

Can I Ever Use Davidson Resources Again?

​If, as an alumni, you remain the Charlotte area, you can come to the Davidson College Library to use our print collection. This does not include our databases, digital materials, or Interlibrary Loan service. To sign up for an alumni borrowing card:

  • Come to the library between 8:30-5 M-F to talk to a library staff member. 

  • Bring your ID when you come to the library

  • Remember that you'll need to renew your borrowing card once every year

Because of our subscription agreements, Davidson Librarians are not allowed to send alumni subscription information from our databases. However, we're still happy to help you locate and use other resources when we're able to. 

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When Will I Lose Access?

You'll lose access to the library databases once your Cat Card and Davidson Login expires. The time that this process can take varies but you'll probably lose access by the end of the summer after you graduate. For example if you graduate in May, you'll probably lose access between May and August.

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