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Zotero: Getting Started

Zotero Quick Start Guide

Zotero Quick Start Guide: The A, B, C's of "Z"

Quick Version of Zotero

No time to set up Zotero, but want to create citations?

Use ZoteroBib, a web-based tool designed for quick citation.


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Zotero is a free, open source, easy-to-use citation management tool that helps you to collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources.

Setting up Zotero

  1. Go to
    • Select register
    • Fill out the registration form
    • Authenticate your account via your email
    • If you want to use Zotero after graduation, you may want to register with a personal email account
  2. Download Zotero 5.0 at
  3. Download the Zotero Connector, for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
    Zotero 5.0 and Zotero Connector download screen
  4. Open Zotero on your desktop
  5. Sync Zotero to your account 
    • In your Zotero library, select:
      • Zotero-->Preferences-->Sync (Mac)
      • Edit-->Preferences-->Sync (Windows)
    • A screenshot of the Zotero preferences screen
    • Enter in your account information
    • Click Set up Syncing
    • Click the Green sync button in the upper-right hand corner to manually sync

               A screenshot of the green Zotero synch button

5. Start adding references!

Update to Zotero 5.0

Before updating to the newest version, it is recommended that you back-up your Zotero Library 

  1. Open Zotero
  2. Check for Updates
    • Select Help-->Check for updates...
    • Click on "Get the New Version"
      A screenshot of the Zotero update screen
      • If you have not updated Zotero before, you might need to update a few times before seeing the option for the new version.
  3. Restart Zotero
  4. To update the Word Plug-in (if you have Microsoft Word), Restart Word as well


This guide is based on the Zotero LibGuide by Marie Sciangula

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