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How to Connect with Conversations Outside of Your Filter Bubble

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Why Use this Guide

Do you feel disconnected from people with opposing views? Unable to find any common ground on issues? Unsure of what you even disagree about?

Much of the media we interact with is filtered through algorithms and our own biases, which often leads to us getting information from radically different sources.

This guide was developed by deliberation and library experts to help you:

  • Break out of filter bubbles
  • Find and evaluate a wide range of perspectives
  • Take control of the information that appears on your feed

Engage with Opposing Viewpoints

Discover resources that can help you find various perspectives on issues.

Evaluate the Credibility of Sources

Learn about a simple framework for evaluating sources.

Improve your Information Feed

Assess your own information feed and learn about steps to become intentional about managing your feed.

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