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Ukraine: Russia’s War on Ukraine

This guide outlines library resources pertaining to Ukraine and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War

Finding International News

It's often difficult to locate reliable international news. Luckily, the Davidson Library has some helpful databases. Listed below is a short description of each database. 

Ukrainian News

Below is a non-comprehensive list of Ukrainian news sources. 

How to Identify Fake News

Unfortunately, malicious actors have intentionally spread misinformation about the Russo-Ukrainian War. Thankfully, it's often easy to spot fake news. The list below contains tips on spotting fake news. 

  • Evaluate the Source. 
    • If you get your news from social media, make sure to fully read a news story before believing or sharing it.
    • Consider the bias and trustworthiness of your source. This chart ranks popular news sources by their factuality, bias, and editorialization. 
  • Research the Author
  • Double-Check Any Claims
    • Government agencies usually publish their announcements and supporting figures. Using these, you can easily double-check media claims regarding casualty numbers, territories gained, etc. 
  • Find Corroborating News Reports 

Additionally, this article provides resources for spotting fake photos and videos of the Russo-Ukrainian War

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