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How Check out Books

How to Use the Self-Checkout



Students studying on the first floor of the library

This guide will show you how to check out books using the self-checkout kiosk and the MeeScan mobile app

Where is the Self-Checkout Kiosk? 

The self-checkout kiosk is at the rightmost side of the information desk, located on the Main Library's first floor. On the map below, the self-checkout is depicted as a star. 


In the Music Library, the self-checkout kiosk is located on the right immediately after entering the library.

A map of the music library

The self-checkout kiosk is depicted in the below photograph. The card reader is on the right of the kiosk and the barcode scanner is at the bottom. Options to change the language and font size are at the bottom of the screen.

The self checkout machine

How to use Davidson's Self-Checkout System.

How to use Davidson's Self-Checkout System

Touch the Start button on-screen then swipe your CatCard through the card reader. If you don't have your CatCard, you can type in your Davidson College ID# in the Patron ID section.

The "welcome screen" on the self-checkout machine       A student swiping her CatCard at the self-checkout kiosk

You can now start scanning the barcodes on your materials under the barcode scanner. Barcodes are typically located on the front top left corner of Davidson's library materials. Simply place the barcode under the red light emitted by the scanner.

A student checking out books using the scanner on the self-checkout kiosk

After you have scanned all your materials, tap "Finish."

The "finish" button on the self-checkout kiosk.

You are now checked out. After using the self-checkout kiosk, you will receive an email from the Library Circulation Office confirming your checkout. 

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