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Emergency Remote Teaching Resources

Hold Your Classes During Emergency Closures

Delivering the Content of the Course


Whether your course content is pdfs, docs, links, videos, or others, you can easily add them to your Moodle course page for your students to access. You can also add files and folders from your DropBox and Google Drive accounts.

Dropbox and Google Drive

If all you need to do is share resources with your students, you could take advantage of using either Dropbox or Google Drive.

There are many different ways to share files and folder with Dropbox.

If you prefer to use Google Drive, you can also share files and folders in a variety of ways.

One key thing you may want to consider when sharing files is to give students a key in the title of the file or folder as to when the piece needs to be read by. An example of this could be: "03_10_filename.pdf" - this tells students to read the file by March 10th.


Zoom can be used to record lectures in advance. Once you record the video, you need to upload to Moodle or send via email.


Warpwire can be used to record lectures in advance. Once you add as a module to your Moodle course, recorded lectures are automatically added to the course.

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