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Oral History + Podcasting: Forms

A collection of oral history and podcasting resources at Davidson.

What forms should I use?

In this section you will find a variety of forms to use for your oral history or podcasting projects.

Even if your oral history projects are not donated to the Davidson College Archives and Special Collections, you must use a permissions form to protect the rights of both your narrator and yourself.

Forms C and D are optional forms designed to help you work your way through an oral history project from start to finish. All forms are based on documentation provided in The Oral History Manual (Third Edition), by Barbara Sommer and Mary Kay Quinlan.

Required Forms

​A. Oral History Interview Permissions Form

Would you like to archive your interview with Davidson College Archives and Special Collections? Use this form.

If you are not interested in archiving your interview with Archives and Special Collections, this particular form is not required, but highly recommended. If you do not use this form, a permissions and/or consent form is still required when conducting oral history interviews.


B. Oral History Creative Commons Form (interviewee retains copyright)

Does the person(s) you are interviewing wish to retain copyright? Would you like to archive your interview with Davidson College Archives and Special Collections? Use this form. For more information on copyright, see our research guide: or make an appointment with a librarian or archivist.


There are different kinds of Creative Commons licenses which allows you to cater your form to your narrator's needs. Unsure about which license applies? Go to the Creative Commons website and complete a short questionnaire to determine the best fit for your project:  


After identifying the appropriate Creative Commons license, simply replace the license name found in the last paragraph of our form with the accurate terms.

Optional Forms

C. Interview Summary Form

This form is designed to help you summarize the key points of your interview as it happens. This will help you with post-interview processing. This form is optional.


D. Interview Tracking Form

This form is designed to help you manage the oral history interview process from start to finish. This form is optional.

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