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Latin 288: Transition to Empire: Getting Started

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Work in Translation


Your site report requires you do to do several things as a researcher and as a student of Latin. This guide will help you navigate the process of creating your site report.

Let's think about the work required to complete your site report. 

Working with the text

As students of Latin, our work often feels like putting together a puzzle. Which pieces do we have? Which pieces are missing? What do we need to unravel?

Your site report will require a similar approach when we begin our research. Reflect on the passage from Ovid's Tristia we heard in class. What do we know about Ovid? What do we know about the text? What does he talk about in the passage?

By creating context, we create our search pathways. We being to lay down the foundation to build our searches within library databases. The context clues we gain from the passage translate into keywords. Let's consider a few keyword options we gain from the passage.

  • Ovid
  • Book III, Tristia
  • Forum
  • Vesta
  • Exile
  • Augustus

Preparing to research

For our site reports, we have two elements we must consider. First, we have the text itself and the context it provides. Second, we have a site or event element. To express ourselves and what we want to find to create our site reports, we must use the language the library databases will understand. We have to work in translation!

We will translate what is important about the text into keywords. We will translate what is important about the site or event into keywords. Essentially, the site report is translating documentation (be it books, articles, maps, et alii) into a singular spot. 

Using databases

I encourage you to have a list of keywords! Pair them together in phrases and in different ways. I've outlined some examples.

  • Temple of Mars Ultor AND Augustus
  • Temple of Mars Ultor AND Fasti
  • Augustus AND Fasti
  • Augustus AND Ovid AND Fasti

Using phrases like "Temple of Mars Ultor" with the boolean operator AND, we tell the database we want these terms to be together in our results.

Questions? Concerns? Favorite quotes from the Res Gestae? Please don't hesitate to reach out. I love this subject area and I love research!

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