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Research Consultants

Setting up for success

The Basics

You'll want to know a few basic things about the student, assignment, and research before you begin searching. Hold off on the search wiggles! It will come.

  • Due date
  • Length of assignment
  • Type of assignment (paper, presentation, poster, lit review)
  • Course details (dept, level)
  • Citation style

LibInsight Form 

We use LibInsight to track our interactions with students; we use this data to understand what students need. The insight we gain from keeping these stats helps us make decisions about scheduling, resources, and even hours! 

We are also expanding our understanding of student needs by incorporating email addresses into our consultation forms. Emails connect to the larger student information system that the CTL uses. Our goal is to learn more so we can make better, well-informed decisions about library services for students.

The Consultation

Exercises to Inspire

The Reference Interview

Follow up

Follow up is key!

Part of our role includes closing the loop. How does the patron feel about the consultation? Which direction do they want to head in next? Have we met their original goals? Do they want to work independently?

It may seem that in a session dedicated to finding answers we wouldn't ask so many questions. Silly, right?

Following up sounds like something we would do way after the consultation. However, we want to check in with a patron while they're close by so we can connect them with any final resources or refer if necessary.

Ways to follow up at the end of a consultation:

  • Just ask! 
    • Did we find what you're looking for today?
  • What else would be helpful for us to work on together?
  • Would you like to meet with a librarian?
  • How does trying this independently sound?


An Art and Science: a reading list

Questions? Need help? Ask Us
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