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History 267: Health & Society in Africa Fall 2018: Getting Started

Prof. Wiemers, Fall 2018

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Getting Started

This guide is a starting point for History 267: Health & Society in Africa. The guide is organized as follows:

Tips for Finding Primary Sources

Process for Finding Primary Sources from a Citation:

1. Ask yourself: what kind of source is this?

2. Search for the title of the journal, newspaper, or government report in Davidson Library Catalog by using advanced search techniques (quotes, title search, etc.)

3. If you can't find it in Davidson Library Catalog, try using some of our primary source material databases based on source type (read the annotation under the database to figure out what kinds of sources are in each database)

4. If you still can't find it, ask a librarian for more help

Process for Finding Secondary Sources from a Citation: 

1. Try putting the article title in Google Scholar or Davidson Library Catalog (if it's a book, only use Davidson Library Catalog)

2. If you aren't finding it, determine what the name of the journal is (ex. Journal of African Medicine)

3. Go to our Journal Title List, type in the name of the journal

4. Expand the list by hitting "Full Text Access". Determine if we have the journal for the year that you need. If we don't, submit an ILL request.

5. If we do, click on the link to the database. Then look for a PDF symbol or the full text. 


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