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EBSCO eBook Academic Collection: Downloading an entire ebook

Downloading an entire e-book

Some titles can be downloaded in their entirety for a period of time, typically 7-14 days. This would allow you to view e-books without internet access. After the loan period has expired, you can download the e-book again. In order to download an entire e-book, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed, which is free to use.  

To download an entire e-book:

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or supported deviceNote: The Kindle does not support Adobe Digital Editions

  2. Within EBSCO, click the button for Download (Offline).  If you are not signed in with your EBSCO account, you will be prompted to sign in at this point.  If you haven't already, you must first create a free account before downloading.A screenshot of the Download (offline) option in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  3. The download page will display the checkout period for the title.  A screenshot of the checkout period in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  4. Once you click "Checkout & Download", you will receive a success prompt. The downloaded file will appear on your desktop, or in in your "Downloads" folder. Your internet browser may also display the downloaded file.A screenshot of the successful download prompt in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  5. Double-click on the downloaded file, and the title will launch in Adobe Digital Editions.  If it is your first time using the program, you will need to authorize your computer. Follow the instructions in Adobe Digital Editions to do this. A screenshot of a book in Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions Bookshelf

Adobe Digital Editions stores downloaded e-books in your Bookshelf.  Any items you have downloaded will be displayed here, along with the remaining loan period for each e-book.

A screenshot of the bookshelf in Adobe Digital Editions

When you are done with a book, please return it early so others may access it.  Right-click on the book, and select "Return Borrowed Item".

A screenshot of the Return Borrowed Item button in Adobe Digital Editions

Annotating in Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions has annotation functionality that includes highlights, notes, and bookmarks.  Please know that any annotations you create in Adobe Digital Editions will not transfer to EBSCOhost.  Additionally, once the loan period has expired, you will no longer be able to access your annotations, even if you download the e-book again.

To add an annotation:

  1. With your curser, select the text you want to annotate by clicking and dragging your curser over the text.

  2. Right click on the selected text, and choose "Highlight""Add Note to Text", or "Bookmark"A screenshot of highlighting in Adobe Digital Editions

  3. If you chose the Note option, you can then add text which will be stored with the e-book.A screenshot of a note in Adobe Digital Editions
  4. To view your annotations, activate the Navigation Panel by clicking the Navigation button on the top left corner of the screen, or press Control-T.A screenshot of the navigation panel in Adobe Digital Editions
  5. Click the Bookmarks tab, and your notes, highlights, and bookmarks will be displayed.  You can edit, delete, or jump to annotations you have added.A screenshot of the bookmarks tab in Adobe Digital Editions

Downloading Tutorial

Click below to watch a short tutorial on downloading an entire ESBCO ebook

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