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EBSCO eBook Academic Collection: EBSCO Folder

ESBCO Folder

The EBSCO Folder displays any ebooks that you have checked out for offline use.  

To see your checked out ebooks:

  1. Click "Sign In" on the top of the screen, and log in with your EBSCOhost accountA screenshot of the sign-in button in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  2. Then, click "Folder".A screenshot of the folder button in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  3. Your checked out ebooks will be displayed, along with the time remaining on the check out.A screenshot of checked out items in the Ebsco eBook Academic Collection folder

Organize your notes

With the EBSCO Folder you can access and organize your notes into subfolders for specific research projects.

To access your notes and create subfolders:

  1. In your EBSCO Folder, click "Notes" on the left side of the screen. Any notes in ebooks you have made will be displayed here. Clicking on the note title will display the entire note. To jump to the specific ebook page for the note, click "View Context".A screenshot of the view context in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  2. To create a folder, click "New" next to "My Custom". Give the folder a name and description.A screenshot of the new folder button in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection
  3. To move a note to a folder, click the checkbox next to the note, and select the folder from the "Move To" menu.A screenshot of moving a note in Ebsco eBook Academic Collection

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