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Archival Resources: Commission on Race and Slavery

A consolidated view of digitized materials and collections related to facts presented in the Report of the Commission on Race and Slavery, 2020.

Digitized Resources

Rainbow Revue Newsletter front pageRG 12/30: Black Student Coalition Records

The Black Student Coalition was founded in 1967 "to establish and maintain a spirit of solidarity among the black students of Davidson College." The collection contains various charters, Project 87, the Rainbow Revue Newsletter, and a statement of protest against "old south" parties on campus. The collection is only partially digitized. 


1990 issue of the black alumni newsletterRG 5/4.3: Alumni and Family Engagement, Black Alumni Network Newsletters (1990 - 2001)

A selection of materials related to the Davidson Black Alumni Network (DBAN) have been digitized for access. These include select issues of the Black Alumni Network Newsletters. These newsletters feature articles about campus happenings, reunion plans, and short biographical updates. Access these scans at the link, here.



Project 87 document, appendix 16 of the Task Force ReportReport of the Task Force on Racial/Ethnic Concerns, 1984

The Task Force on Racial/Ethnic Concerns was established by President John Kuykendall in 1984 to take a critical look at the environment which the college provided for black students (and students of other racial/ethnic groups) and the experience which that environment afforded them. The Task Force Report Review Subcommittee was appointed in 1988 to conduct a progress review of the strategies outlined in the 1984 Task Force Report on Racial/Ethnic Concerns.


first page of the constitution of the SGA diversity coordinating committeeRG 12/4: Student Government Association, Records from the Diversity Coordinating Committee

Description: This collection consists of records from the Student Government Association, including information on student clubs and organizations, meeting minutes from various SGA committees, and documents related to campus life and policy decisions. Included are records from the Diversity Coordinating Committee. The minutes of this committee have been digitized and are available, here.



Cover of the 1922 edition of the Davidson College MagazineDavidson Monthly (1870 - 1871, 1886 - 1930)

Subtitled “A Magazine Devoted to Science, Literature and Art,” The Davidson Monthly reported on local events, published the important speeches of the Eumenean and Philanthropic literary societies, and ran editorials, but the focus of the magazine was poetry, prose, and essays written by Davidson students and alumni.



Cover of fall 1990 edition of the Davidson Journal titled The Black Experience at Davidson CollegeDavidson Journal (1987 - Present)

The Davidson Journal was first published in the spring of 1987 at the College's sesquicentennial celebration alongside the Davidson Update (which was a spin-off of the Alumni Journal). It merged with the Davidson Update after the fourth issue in the fall of 1989. It comes out four times a year, once per season, and includes Alumni news and stories about the College.


Davidson in the 1840s by Jethro Rumple​DC0222s: Jethro Rumple Collection

The collection consists of correspondence concerning the Concord Presbytery, the manuscript of a biography of Rev. John Bunyan Shearer, and manuscript notes about Davidson College in the 1840s, including information about Esom, the president's "body servant."


envelope of pinckney chambers letterDC0111s: Pinckney Chambers Letter

Pinckney Brown Chambers was a member of the Davidson College class of 1840. This collection consists of a December 9 1837 letter written by Chambers that describes his experiences at Davidson, including record of an incident in which students were expelled from the college for interacting with enslaved persons. This letter has been digitized and is available, here.



scan of elijah frink rockwell letter 1867College Letters (1837 - 1921) 

These letters were selected from a number of the small manuscript collections housed in Archives and Special Collections. The dates of the letters range from 1837 to 1921. Each letter contains references to college life and events. Many of them also have information about family, friends and non-college events, including the college's response to the Civil War and Main Street Davidson.


Audio 177: Alumni Oral History Interview - John Knox Wilson, September 2004             

Subjects: Davidson College, Davidson, NC            

Audio 276: Alumni Oral History Interview - Samuel R. Spencer, 09/30/2005                            

Subjects: Davidson, NC 

Audio 278: Alumni Oral History Interview - Art Lesesne '61, 04/28/2006 

Subjects: Davidson, NC 

Audio 279: Alumni Oral History Interview – Hollis “Hobby” Cobb '56, 04/28/2006       

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College      

CD 57: Alumni Oral History Interview - Derry Harper '76, 2009

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College, Alumni of Color Interview Project

CD 58: Alumni Oral History Interview - Rasheedah Hasan '96, 2009

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College, Alumni of Color Interview Project

CD 59: Alumni Oral History Interview - Leslie Brown '69, 2009

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College, Alumni of Color Interview Project

CD 60: Alumni Oral History Interview - Janet Stovall Harrell '85, 2009

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College, Alumni of Color Interview Project

CD 61: Alumni Oral History Interview - Lenny McAllister '93, 2009

Subjects: Davidson, NC, Davidson College, Alumni of Color Interview Project


Digitized Publications

Davidsonian Newspaper

The Davidsonian


Student Newspaper

Spreadsheet with select article titles related to marginalized populations, here

Cover of 1995 Quips and Cranks

Quips and Cranks


Student Yearbook

Spreadsheet with select issues and pages from Quips and Cranks related to marginalized populations, here

Belk Hall Dormitory Postcard

Campus Postcards

Campus postcards from the late 19th to early 21st century

1837-1887 Semi-Centennial Catalog Front Cover

Semi-Centennial Catalog

The semi-centennial catalog Davidson College (1837-1887) was the first attempt at a comprehensive compilation of Davidson alumni, trustees, and faculty providing far more data than the preexisting lists of Davidson graduates.

Special Collections


In Special Collections, we have a diverse array of materials, including published books, serials, pamphlets, and maps.

Listed here are publications about legacies of slavery as related to early trustee and faculty families at Davidson College, as well as general local histories. 

For more information about what you can find in the library, please search the library's catalog.


They Married Confederate Officers book cover

They Married Confederate Officers

An intimate look at the lives of each of Davidson College president Dr. Robert Hall Morrison's six daughters: Isabella Sophia, Harriet Abigail, Mary Anna, Eugenia Erixene, Susan Washington, and Laura Panthea Morrison. 

book cover of Plantation World Around Davidson

The plantation world around Davidson; the story of North Mecklenburg "before the war."

The plantation world around Davidson; the story of North Mecklenburg "before the war."

The library also retains copies from 1973 and 1982.

book cover of One Town, Many Voices

One Town, Many Voices

History of the town of Davidson from its founding to the early 21st century.


book cover to A history of Davidson College by Mary Beaty

A history of Davidson College

A history of Davidson College


book cover to Davidson College; Intimate Facts

Davidson College; intimate facts

Davidson College; intimate facts


David Played a Harp

David Played a Harp is an autobiography by Ralph W. Johnson, a bi-racial, self-educated, retired barber. His barber shop in Davidson, NC was the target of student picketing which challenged state law exempting personal service shops from the civil rights act.

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