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Zotero: Backing Up Your Zotero Library

Backing up your Zotero Library

It is a good idea to periodically create a back-up of your Zotero library, especially so if you plan to upgrade from Zotero 4.0 to Zotero 5.0.

Zotero Backup Instructions

  1. Locate the Data Directory
    1. Open Zotero
    2. Select Zotero-->Preferences
      • In the Preferences Screen, select Advanced-->Files and Folders
      • Click on "Show Data Directory"
        A screenshot of the Zotero Preferences screen
  2. Copy the Contents of the Data Directory
    1. [Important] Before continuing, close Zotero. Zotero should not be open when copying the data directory
    2. After clicking "Show Data Directory," you will be taken to a folder titled "Zotero"
    3. Copy all of the files within the Zotero folder
      A screenshot of the Zotero data directory
  3. ​Paste these files in a backup folder
    1. On a USB drive, Dropbox, or other backup location, create a Folder titled "Zotero"
    2. Paste the copied files from Step 2 into the new folder
      A screenshot of a Zotero backup folder 
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