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Linking to Full Text Resources: Linking to Full Text Resources: Introduction

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Wondering how to find full text?  Click here.

Want more information about how to create persistent links?  Click here.

To create a persistent link

1.  Find the full-text in one of the Library's databases.

2.  Create the persistent link.

3.  Enable off-campus access to the item.

4.  Test the persistent link.


Would you like to provide your students or colleagues with links to full-text articles in library databases? It's easy to do; you'll just need to use a persistent link (also known as a persistent URL, PURL, durable link/URL, or stable link/URL ).  This is a web address that leads users directly to an item in a library database.

The URLs that appear in the address bar when you are searching a database are often session-specific and temporary; be wary about using them. In contrast, a persistent link is permanent, and it will consistently link to an item. We recommend that you use a persistent link to share materials with students and colleagues.

As well as being stable, persistent links are not only environmentally-friendly but also copyright-friendy, because the right to link directly to items in most library databases has been negotiated for you by the library.

Enabling off-campus access

Once you have a persistent link to an item, you'll want to enable off-campus access to it. Most of the library's electronic resources are available off campus to current students, faculty members, and staff, but you'll need to add the url for our proxy server.

Just add the following prefix to the link:


Without the Davidson proxy prefix:

With the Davidson proxy prefix:

Note:  Some databases, like EBSCOhost, include the Davidson proxy prefix in the persistent link. Be sure to check the URL before adding the prefix!

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