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MLK Day: Speaker Publications

Speaker Publications and Presentations

Scott Tonidandel

  • Hernandez, M., Avery, D. R., Tonidandel, S., Hebl, M. R., Smith, A. N., & McKay, P. F. (2016). The role of proximal social contexts: Assessing stigma-by-association effects on leader appraisals. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 68-85.
  • Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F., Wilson, D., & Tonidandel, S. (2007). Unequal attendance: The relationships between race, organizational diversity cues, and absenteeism. Personnel Psychology, 60, 875-902. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-6570.2007.00094
  • McKay, P. F., Avery, D. R., Tonidandel, S., Morris, M., Hernandez, M., & Hebl, M. R. (2007). Racial differences in employee retention: Are diversity climate perceptions the key? Personnel Psychology, 60, 35-62. doi: :10.1111/j.1744-6570.2007.00064

Luis Rivera (additional manuscripts can be accessed on their lab website)

  • *Villicana, A., Rivera, L. M., & Garcia, D. (2017).  When one’s group is beneficial: The effect of a group-affirmation and subjective group identification on prejudice.  Group Processes and Intergroup Relations.
  • Rivera, L. M., & *Benitez, S. (2016). The roles of ingroup exemplars and ethnic-racial identification in self-stereotyping.  Social Cognition, 34, 604-623. 
  • Rivera, L. M., & *Paredez, S. (2014).  Stereotypes can “get under the skin”:  Testing a self-stereotyping and self-esteem model of overweight and obesity.  Journal of Social Issues, 70, 226-240. 
  • Adams III, V. H., Devos, T., Rivera, L. M., Smith, H., Vega, L. A. (2014).  Teaching about implicit prejudices and stereotypes: A pedagogical demonstration and intervention.  Teaching of Psychology, 41, 204-212.

*denotes student co-authors

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